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Markdown Based Blog with next.js

Ever since next.js added the ability to do static exports I've been exploring the possibility of using it for my blog. I looked for utilities to convert markdown and yaml to json but didn't quite find anything that fit my needs so I built a library called processmd. It makes it easy to convert a directory of markdown and / or yaml files to a mirrored directory of json files based on glob patterns using globby. This is really useful for blogs or files for static websites since then you can just require() the json files with node, which is exactly what I did to create the latest iteration of this website.

Let's take a look at how you can use processmd to help you build your own markdown based blog with next.js.

First, let's install it npm i -D processmd, then add this to your scripts in package.json:

  "build:content": "processmd content/**/*.md --outputDir content --preview 110 --summaryOutput content/summary.json",

I keep all of the content in a top level content/ directory separate from source files, but there's no reason they couldn't live side-by-side. Then I add a git ignore rule to ignore all json files in that directory (content/**/*.json). This keeps all your content in one place and results in less path mapping confusion.

Then --preview 110 adds a preview property based on the number of letters in the stripped markdown rounding down to the last word (so you don't get half words).

And finally --summaryOutput content/summary.json creates a summary file that's useful for creating and index page for your blog posts. By default it excludes post content but that behavior can be overridden with the includeBodyProps option.

Other files that you will need are a couple config files for next.js: server.js, next.config.js, check out /src for more.

Check out next-blog, an example you can clone and use to build your own markdown based blog powered by next.js.

11 Jun 2017

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