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Announcing imgmin and other updates

I first started working on imgmin around this time last year and released it in April. So far it has yet to »

Reflecting on tocbot after 6 years

I first created the open source project tocbot nearly 6 years ago on Mar 22, 2016. It grew from my passion of »

Markdown Based Blog with next.js

Ever since next.js added the ability to do static exports I've been exploring the possibility of using it for »

Open Source Projects in 2016

2016 has been full of many ups and downs, but at least I was able to launch a couple of small open source »

Automated Deploys With Travis

Using Travis CI is a great way to automate repetitive tasks like building and testing your projects. But »

Login Bash Script

JavaScript is my happy place. It's the language I'm most comfortable in and I really enjoy using it both in »

Simple d3.js Visualization Tutorial

d3.js is an awesome JavaScript library that's perfect for visualizing data. However, it has a reputation for »

5 Tips for New Web Developers

However, I enjoy learning, and bit by bit, I started reading and going through tutorials to understand the »

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